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Job Description
Job_Description: Minimum Qualifications:  Master's degree in Mental Health discipline.  Successful completion of a practicum as part of the requirements for the degree or have six (6) months of post master's level clinical experience supervised by a master's level clinician.
Essential Functions: 
a. Provides effective clinical assessment of the consumer.
b.   Utilizes assessment data to support a DSM V diagnosis.
c. Formulates appropriate treatment plan along with consumer and families, as        appropriate.
d. Provides individual, group and family therapy, utilizing basic therapeutic models and theories according to consumer needs as stated in the treatment plan.
e. Demonstrates the ability to recognize the elements of a crisis state and knows how to deescalate or resolve the situation. 
f. Effectively collaborates with the treatment team members and outside sources in the
delivery of clinical services.         
g. Provides support and education for consumers and family members.
h. Evaluates the consumer for discharge planning.
i. Facilitates services that prevent commitment.
j. Adheres to professional code of ethics.
k. Effectively demonstrates the application of adult and child/adolescent specific competencies.
l. Assists with seclusion and restraint per AltaPointe policy and procedures.

 How_Applicants_Should_Apply: Apply on line at
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